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Difference between FAT and NTFS

When we install a new operating system in your PC  at the installation time its ask you to format of drive there is two option FAT and NTFS we have to choose any one of them .but Firstly we have to know that what is difference between them in FAT & NTFS .

FAT : -  File allocation table 
NTFS  :- New Technology file system

Difference Between FAT and NTFS :

Fat : -
Fat may be defined as a file allocation table this is a older version of window operating system file . It is created by Microsoft in 1977.Fat also has size limit .You can not creat a Fat 32 partition greater that 32 GB in this version it have no capacity to store file greater than 4 GB. 

NTFS  : -  
  It stands for New Technology file system . This is a newer drive format of operating system. It is created by Microsoft in 1993. NTFS have more capability to recover from some disk related errors. It improve  support larger hard disk . 

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