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How to configure Router First time

How to configure Router First time :- 

 Every engineer want to know that how to configure rouer first time if you want go in start that first of all you have to connected router physically with your system by using consol cable then start your PC and follow these step.

Step 1 :-

         Go to start and select RUN type HYPER TERMINAL and click ok .


You will see this type of problem in window 7 , vista etc  for the solution of this we have to install putty software after that you can run this command. But in xp  there is no requirement of putty softaware you can directely run hyperterminal .

Step 2:-   

              After clik ok you have another dilouge box in which you have to configure router by using some command before configuraton of router you must to know that there is a three mode of configuration 

1 User Mode   

Privileged Mode

3 Global mode

User Mode   : This  is the first mode of router configuration we can use limited command in this mode like access the router .

Privileged Mode :-  In this mode we can see all the configuration of router.

Global mode  :-  This is the last and final mode of the router configuration all modification and configuration is done in this mode .

Now after these we are going for configure router :

When you enter after type hyper terminal  in run you will see a dialogue box with white background 

Step 1:- First mode of router is User mode like this 

Would you like to initial Dialogue (yes/no) :No 
            router >
            router > enable

Step 2 :- Router#    Now this is 2nd mode Privilege Mode. 

Step 3 :-  Router#conf_t

Now you are in Configuration Mode here all the modification and configuration is done  in this mode we use some commands like these.

 Router#show version 
              #show history 
              #show start up config 
              # show clock
             # show ip interface  brief    etc commands we can use in this mode . 

Now in these way you can configured your Router .

Thanks .


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