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What is router and its interfaces


Router is a device that forward packet from one network to another network a router is connected at least one or two network commonly two LAN , MAN , or Lan and its IPS.

Interfaces of Router : - 
1 Serial
2 Ethernet / Fast Ethernet  Gigabyte 
3 BRI 
5 Console Port 
6 Auxiliary

Now a deep description of these interfaces of router .

1 Serial :-
It is used to connect router to router and router to lease lines .
2 Ethernet : -
 It is used to connect hub , switch and PC .
3 BRI & PRI :-
 Both of these interfaces is used for connect router to ISDN lenes .
4 Consol port : -
 It is uesd for the purpose of router configuration when we configured router first time with the help of PC at the same time we require a console cable and the port by which this is connected is called as Consol port
Auxiliary port : -
It is uesd for remotly configuration of router IOS through two PC with the help of Modem .

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