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How to make partition of hard disk in window 7

Partition of HDD 

There is a many way to make partition of HDD in window 7 . Now here i am mention a very simple way to make partition of HDD. Given below :-

Step 1 : - Just go to My Computer and right click on it and
 select Manage.

Step 2 : -  After select manage you will see an image just like given below here you have to select Disk Management and go to any of drive just right click on that and make a new Shrink volume.

Step 3:- 

After click on shrink volume some processing take place see this image : -

Now enter the amount of space to shrink in MB.

Click on shrink ok .
Just right click on new drive which made after shrink .like this image - 

Now you will see another dialogue box and click NEXT .

Step 4 :-

The specify size page minimum or maximum size show in megabyte for the volume and here we given  a size limit also.


Click next .


Select your drive name like G and click next . By default window 7 select lowest available drive letter and excludes reserved drive letter as well as assigned to local disk or network drives. 

Step 5:- 

 When click next now you have to select file format in file system and select by default in allocation unit size .

And click next  now completing your New simple volume wizard . click finish.

You will now show the space configured as partition .

Thanks .

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