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What is active Directory and feature

Active directory 

Active directory is a special feature of windows 2000/2003 which store all of the information and data about the whole network such as user, printers, and computers etc. When we installed active directory in window 2000

it become as a Domain controller and control all the PC which is connected to it. By the active directory we mange all the computer printer and other devices. Active directory is a centralized management.

Features of Active Directory :-

1. This is the main feature of active directory that all data in it present in a single ,distributed data store, allowing users easy to access to the information from any location . 

2. It provide the security management to user and AD is centralized authentication . Access control can be defined not only on each object in the directory ,but also on each property of each object.Active directory provide both the store and scope of application for security policies.

3. Active directory is extensible ,which means that administrator can add new classes of objects to the schema and can add new attributes to existing classes of objects.

4. Active directory is hierarchical organization structures based .These organizational structure make it easier for to control administrative constitutional rights and others security settings , and make it easier for your users to locate network resource such as files and printers.

5. Active directory is flexible querying users and administrator can use the search command on the Start Menu , the my network place icon on the desktop or the active directory users and computers snaps in to quickly find an object on the network .


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