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What is computer virus and types of virus

Computer Virus : -
Virus is a program that  automatically run in your machine without your information and it is very harmful to your data , Due to this system hang again and again and some important file can be corrupt by the virus.

Types of virus : 

There is many types of virus these are given below :


Just a nasty little program to cause slowness in a network.  A worm will replicate itself and spread from computer to computer.  Worms are commonly spread through email attachments.

A virus is a self replicating program written to cause harm to your computer or allow someone to take control of your computer.  Not all the types mentioned above are defined to be a virus, but they are forms of malware and you need to be aware of them.
Believe it or not, a lot of viruses are written to target Microsoft software.  Viruses writers know the majority of users use Windows as their Operating system and Internet Explorer as their web browser.  One easy way to reduce your chances of picking up a virus is to run a Linux operating system and use a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
I will now briefly explain what each types of computer viruses do.

Trojan Horse

A program written to deliver a malicious program that may then cause destruction to your computer.  A Trojan horse is delivered by someone or hidden within another program that may seem harmless.


A program written to monitor your actions on a computer.  A common type of spyware is a key-logger program.  This program can record every key stroke and mouse click you make.  Spyware can be delivered via a Trojan horse program.  Some spyware is not meant to be malicious, such as tracking cookies.  A tracking cookie tracks your internet usage and sends the information back to its source.


Adware is a form of malware.  One word - pop-ups.  Adware is designed to pop up advertisements.  Adware can be very annoying.

Boot Sector Virus

Not so common anymore, but they were nasty little programs that got loaded into your master boot record.  Most commonly spread by floppy disks.  These viruses could then launch themselves before your operating system even loaded.  Today most BIOS prevents code from being written to the boot sector.

Time Bomb

A virus written to execute at a later date or upon an action performed.  These programs lay dormant until an event occurs.

Browser Hijacker

A virus that will over take your web browser and automatically redirect you to another website.

File In-factor 

A virus that lives within a file, typically a .exe file.  When the file is executed, it will then run its nasty code.

Polymorphic Virus

A virus written to change itself in order to evade virus detection.

Macro Virus

A virus that hides itself inside of macros used by programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Web Scripting Virus

A virus that hides within a website.  Some are put there on purpose, some get injected into websites that are not properly secured.


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