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What is IP addressing and types of its

IP address 

IP (Internet protocol) is a unique identification or a logical number that identify a device Computer , laptop or Printer which is connected to the network.

It is used to communicate with one device to other device in network . Format of IP address is  IP V4  its mean version 4 is used  32 Bit numeric address written as 4 octets. And Format of IP V6 its mean version 6 is used 128 bit numeric address written as 16 Octets.

There is two types of IP address like this 

Static IP address 
Dynamic address 

Static IP address  

That IP address which can't be changed automatically when we restarted our PC computer or Laptop. It is manually given to the computer by administrator .

Dynamic IP address 

That IP address which is not given to computer by Administrator. This IP address is dynamic IP it is automatically changed when user restarted their computer. Every time it will be changed .

IP Address is divided in to 5 classes .

Class                            IP range

Class A                          0-126

Class B                          128-191
Class C                          192-223
Class D                          224-239
Class E                          240-255

127  IP address is reserved for loop back.

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