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What is RIP

Rip  :-  Right information protocol 

Rip is a  distance vector protocol it takes decision on the basis of hop count .Rip have maximum hop count is 15 and default AD value is 120
Rip protocol are two type 

Rip v1 
Rip v2 

Rip version 1 (v1) support  all cisco and non cisco router Rip use focus timer like these 

Update time              30Second
Invalid timer           180Second 
Hold timer                180Second
Flash timer               240Second

Now here is some difference between Rip V1 AND rip V2 

Rip version 1 
It a classfull protocol 
It does'nt support subnetting VLS networking 
It used broadcast ip 255.255.255
It can send data to Rip V1 and received both Rip V1 and Rip V2

Rip version 2 
It a classless protocol 
It support all type of subnetting VLS networking 
It used multicasting ip for update the traing infor.
It can send data to Rip V2 and received only Rip V2.

Configure : -

Let we have two cisco router 2610 and 2620  and Ip IS
2610 (Config) #router rip 

2620 (Config) #router rip 

Verify :-
2610(config)# show ip rout
                       #show ip protocol
                       #debug ip Rip             -----------Monitoring

2610(config)#No router rip            ----------  Re Monitoring
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