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What is VLAN & Its type

What is V-LAN and what is its work ?

V-LAN : It stands for Virtual local area network .This is used to divide the network in to separate logical areas. V-LAN can also be considered as broadcast domain.

Description of V-LAN :

      A V-LAN is a switched network that is logically segment by function , project team, or application without regards to the physical locations of the users. V-LAN have the same attributes as physical physical LAN, but you can group end stations even if they are not physically located on the same LAN segment . Any switch port can belong to a V LAN and uni cast, broadcast and multi cast cast packet are forwarded and flooded only to end stations in the V-LAN. Each V-LAN is considered a logical network, packet destined for station that do not belong to  V-LAN must be forwarded through a router or bridge .Because a V-LAN is considered a separate logical network , it contain its own MIB information and can support its own implementation of spanning tree.

Types of V-LAN :-

1  Static V-LAN
2 Dynamic V-LAN

1 Static V-LAN
It is also refer to as a port based .V-LAN. Static V-LAN assignments are created by assigning ports to a V-LAN . As a device enters the network , the devices automatically assume the V-LAN of the port. If the user changes port and needs access to the same V-LAN.

2 Dynamic V-LAN

It is created by assigning the host to a V-LAN when a host is plugged in to a switch hardware address stored in a database.In dynamic V-LAN it use a database that stores a V-LAN to MAC mapping to determine the V-LAN that a particular host is connect to. Dynamic V-LAN provide more flexibility in dynamic V-LAN.

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