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What is VOIP

What is VOIP and deep description of its .

VOIP :-  It stand for voice over internet protocol . Voip is a special technology that allow you to telephone call over computer network like the internet . Voip converting your voice or analog data in to digital or c
omputer language by which computer can read it and forward it to its destination after converting digital signal to anlog signal.

Image of VOIP see below :-

The technology in all over in business we save the cost of value and improved productivity we use voip technology to transfer the voice traffic over the internet protocol the benefits of those include given below :-

1 Cost saving due to alimation of long distance and toll charge .
2 Reduce IT cost restricting from in conversed data of voice network inter fluency provide .
3 Productivity gain resulting from enhanced service such as unified messaging and call centre application .

Dial peers : -
It described the entity to art from which a call is established and the key to understands the Cisco voice implementation all voice technology used dial peer to define the characteristics associate with a call log .
a call log is dis create segment   of a call communication that lies between two point in the connection voice port. 

Voice port : -
The voice port command define the characteristics associate with a particular over port signally type :-
The Cisco implementation of voice port both analog and digital connection.
Voice port of provide sport for three analog voice signally format.

FXO :  Foreign xchange office.
The fxo interfaces is an Rj 11 connector that allow a connector to be directed at public switched technology network .Controll office to a standard PBX interface .

FXS : Foreign Xchange station interface 
The fxs interfaced an Rj11 connector that allow connection port basic telephon equipment keysats and Pbx pxs connection supply in ring voltage in dial tone . 


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