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What it is difference between Window 8 and Window 7

Window 8 vs Window 7

There is many difference between window 8 and window 7. And some similarities are also in them like both desktop is very familiar .


Window 8 look quite difference from window 7 because it is designed to work with touch screen computer and tablets. In window 8 when you log on first screen that you see first time that is called as MERO .
1. Window 8 built up for tablets and touch screen  while Window 7 can't use in on tablets 

2. Window 8  stores all windows application but Window 7 can't stores windows app.

3. In window 8 start screen every time updates when you log on but there is no change in Window 7.

4. Window 8 Start up time is fast more than Window 7.   

5. Window 8 comes with an antivirus programs called defender while it is not in window 7

6. Window 7 have start menu while it is not available in window 8 but you can use another tools when go to right top bar here is a option for search your app or anything which you want to see.

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