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How to make partition of HDD after window installation

How to make partition of HDD after window installation 

This is a simple trick to make a partition of hard disk after installation some time we have no option or some time forget to make partition when install.

So here i am mention a simple way to make partition.

Step 1  
Click on start button then go to  my computer right click on it and select manage.

Step 2

Click on disk management in the left side here you will see all local disk of that computer 

Right click on local disk C select Shrink volume.

Step 3 
Now you have to wait for a minute see some processing is going on.

Step 4
Now there is a dialogue box enter the amount of space to shrink in MB and then click shrink. 

Step 5
Here new simple volume wizard is going to proceed .

Click on next button .

Step 6

click next 

Step 7 
Here you can change the drive name like G , E F etc.

click next .

Step 8
Format of partition like fat ntfs you can change file system.

click next.

Step 9  

Now you are success in your work you can check it after double click on it .

Thanks for using my article.

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