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What is ACL access control list

What is access control list   (ACL)

It is a IP packet filtration security that filter the particular IP protocol service. 

1 Permit 
2 Deny permission
Use wild card

Rules and condition of ACL

1 If the 1st test statement is deney than the speed test statement manually assign permit
2 If the first test condition is permit than don't assign or configure the second test condition is not required .
3 If there is no condition permit or denied than access list doesn't work.

Types of ACL access list 
There is three types of access list 

1 Standard access list 
2 Extended access list 
3 Named access list 

Here I am telling you a short description of access control list. 

Standard access list  
1.Range of this is 1 to 99 
2.this is near to destination 
3.It work on TCP/IP suit 
4.Filter source is IP 

Extended access list 
1.Range of this is from 100 to 199. 
2.This is near to source on to the interface 
3.It work on to the individual protocol use logical operator (gt,et,it) filter both source and destination IP.

Named access list
This is that access list which work according to name of access list link statement standard extended.

Thanks for using my article.

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