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How to increase window 8 speed

There are many ways to increase speed performance in window 8. Every users wants that his computer should be more and more fast .Window 8 is a new version of Microsoft it was released in October 2012 .
Window 8 is already very fast but still you want to improve the performance of computer so follow these simple Step.

Step 1 

Disk cleanup tool is specially designed for window cleanup with the help of this we can easily delete unused files those file do our system slow so use CCleaner periodically.

Step 2 
Improve start up time just go to Run type ms config there you can disable running services and even you select what program you want to run when your computer is power on.

Step 3
Use defender this a inbuilt software in win 8 by using it you can preventing and protecting your system.

Step 4 
Enable fast start up time this is a new feature of win 8 that you can can do start up time more fast .

Step 5
Turn off search indexing it also take time when we start our system we can disable it by go to run type ms config and select disable as its start up type.

Step 6 
Disable all the animation go to system properties advanced and select performance click on custom in visual effects. Then untick the following fad or slide menus in to view ,
Animation window when maximize or minimize , Save task bar thumbnail preview.

Step 7
Disable unnecessary services that we don't want to run still they are running in the background and make our system PC slow.we can also disable these services.

Using these step you will find that your system performance is improved take enjoy and give me feedback.

Thank you very much. 

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