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How to Install Active directory on your pc

Active directory

Active directory is a special feature of windows 2000, 2003 and window 2008 etc server based window It stores all the information of network devices which is connected on this network Like printer ,Monitor,scanner CPU etc. When we install active directory it became domain controller it have now the power to manage its clients and it an also provide the security to all devices.
Now i am going to tell you how to install active directory in your PC which have the operating system is based on server like window 2003 or 2008 any one of them follow these step given below:-

Step 1
First of all press win+r open run and type DCPROMO

Step 2
Here you will see a Welcome screen like welcome to the active directory installation Wizard click on next

Step 3 
Then it is asked to you that is the operating system is compatible for this then Click next.

Step 4 
Click check mark on Domain controller for a new domain and click next.Do not click check mark on Additional domain controller for an exiting domain.

Step 5 
Create a new domain  (domain in a new forest) click next.

Step 6
Type a new domain name anything that you want like But here it is by default take you can type your desirable domain. 

Step 7

Type NetBIOS domain name anything that you want like

Step 7 

This a data base and Log folder default location and click next.

Step 9
Click next

This is for your folder lotion if you want to change the location then click on browse if not then click on next button.

Step 10

Select permission complete only window 2003 operating system and then click next.

Step 11

Here you will type your password of restore mode and conform password .

Click next. 

Click next 

Step 12 

Now it will take some time .

Ok now.

Please wait.

Step 13

Now completed the AD wizard and installation then click next.

System need to restart , click on Restart Now . You have successfully install Active Directory  

Thanks for using my article
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