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HOW TO SET UP VPN (virtual private network connection) IN WINDOW 8


VPN  First of all we have to know about VPN virtual private network. It is network technology that create a secure network over a public network such as the Internet or private network. Many corporation use

VPN for access their network privately like educational dept , Govt agencies etc. Now i am telling you how to set up VPN in w 8 Just follow these simple step.

Step 1   
Move your cursor right top and click search type here NCPA.CPL in th search bar and hit enter.

Step 2

Go to file click new incoming connection hit enter.

Step 3

Here check mark on your user account and then click next .

Step 4 

Tick mark on through the internet and click next.

Step 5

Check mark in the box of Internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) & allow access.

Step 6

It will take some time so please wait .

Now close it .

Step 7
Just do right click on internet access and click OPEN NETWORK AND SHARING ENTER.

Step 8
Click on connection and then detail and note the IPv4.

Step 9 
Click on set up a new connection or network.

Step 10 

Click on connect to a workplace and then next .

Step 11
Use my internet connection (VPN).

Step 12
Now give the ip address on which you want to use and destination name then click create.

Step 13 
You have successfully create your VPN connection .

Step 15
Now give it user name and connect you with VPN .
All the best. 
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