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What is cyberoam Firewall

Cyberoam firewall

Cyberoam it is used to protect  network  from unauthorized person and hackers .It help to block virus, website and it control all the traffic .This is the production of sophos company It provide a global network security appliance against malware spam.
We can configure VPN, multiple links on this firewall. It is one of the most popular hardware firewall in these days. There is many model of cyberoam firewall available in market like

 I    CR15inG
 II   CR35inG
 III CR50inG

It (Cyberoam) achieved common criteria EAL4+ certification for its layer 8 user identity based firewall.
Cyberoam security appliance is certified with CHECK MARK utm level 5 certification .
Cyberoam meets the security requirement of thousand of organization across the world with partner presence in over 125 countries .

Feature of Cyberoam 
The cyberoam firewall is based on human layer 8 or it extended security layer 8.
It works as a standard layer that bind the layer 2 - 7 because it regain the lost of security control.
You can update it because it have flexible network connectivity with I/O slots that allow to addition copper / Fibre 1G/10G port on the same security appliance allowing enter prize to up grads  new technology easily  and cost effectively making them future ready.It also reduced network complex-city.

Benefits of Cyberoam firewall
Up time is very fast.
It support SAAS deployment and cloud environment 
 Reduced latency
High throughput
Simplified management security 
It have secure dynamic IP environment like Wi Fi and instance where user share the endpoints.
Simplified audit requirement with instant user Identifier 

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