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How to make our computer fast working

It is most important to us know that how we can make our computer as fast with good performance. So there is many way to make our computer very fast . If your computer laptop and PC is slow that time we irritate on our computer there is solution to remove out this type of problem so have we take following action regarding this problem : -

1 Remove/uninstall unused program

First of all we have to check that unused program which is not using in your computer at that time we have to uninstall remove those program from your computer. For these action you have to go control panel then programs and features

right click on it and click on uninstall that .

2 Remove/Delete unused file 

We have to delete unused file like recent file temporary file cookies prefetch etc. Just you have to press win +R run then type recent press enter and delete all of them just like that go to run type cookies , recent , prefetch please do it one by one for all.

3 Hard Disk space used in control

Local disk drive in which we have install operating system in that drive space should be free at least 15 %  because the computer can run any program smoothly . To check the space go to my computer right  click on local Disk C  check on it like this image  : -

5 Disable running program in back ground

For fast running of our computer we have to check that the program is run in automatically if any program is run automatically we have to disable them thats why our computer process of booting is very fast 

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