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How to transfer Fsmo roles in one DC to another DC

First of all we have two or more server installed in our domain network thats why we can change or transfer from one DC to another DC.
Please follow my very simple step to transfer our Flexible single master operation  (FSMO) roles

Step 1
Just log-in in to our administrator account of our first domain controller.

Step 2
Click on start button go to administrative tools then active
directory users & computer snap-in.

Step 3 
Now you will see here our two or more domain controller like DC 1 ,DC 2, DC 3 and DC 4 how much we have if we want to transfer role from  DC 1 to DC 2 then we have to go to DC 1.

Step 4
Right click on our domain like our domain is select the operation master 6 the option.

Step 5 
You will see here Three Tab one is (I) RID which is rid master  (II) PDC which is for pdc master   (III) Infrastructure which is for infrastructure master.

Step 6 
Here if we want first transfer RID master then click on RID & Click on change there is two option first option is operation mean this is that domain on which the role is already placed and second one is that on which we want to transfer the role .

Step 7
Here click on change button here it will ask you that ARE YOU SURE  WANT TO CHANGE THE OPERATION MASTER ROLE click on yes it will changed successfully. By the same way we can transfer remaining two role PDC emulator and in.

Thanks for using my articles and if you have any suggestion for my blog or for this article please feel free to say. 
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