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Booting process is very important part of every operating system Like Unix Linux Mac and window OS etc. There is many steps in booting any system So today I am telling you a very simple step of booting the process of UNIX.

So please follow my Step by step booting process for this, First of all we should have a computer UNIX based and that is properly connected.

Step 1  
First of all we just  turn on our system it starts as First check it BIOS basic input output system that they are connected and working properly If the BIOS is ok it go for the next process.

Step 2 
 BIOS check the POST power on self test that all component of system are operational or working proper.

Step 3
Now it go for program which is installed in our system or our computer like UNIX or other operating system it go for that and check it where it is located means check it in the ROM drive where it is located and boot from there.

Step 4 
In the booting periods it create a record or maintain a record and copy this information to the a specific location in RAM .One more things is that A record which is maintain during booting is called as Master boor record. This file of records takes 512 MB space. 

Step 5
This record contain a program which is used to operate the computer by a user or human being.
It (boot record) loads initial system file in to RAM from ROM (hard-disk) This initial files loads rest of operating system in to RAM .Initial file loads a system file that already know how to work with BIOS .

Step 6
Two more system file is loads during the booting one is CONFIG.SYS and second AUTOEXEC.BAT
in UNIX system First one for information of configuration file which need to be loaded like device drivers And second one AUTOEXEC.BAT it tell to user that which application or command  want to have include or performed as apart of boot process.

Step 7
After all these step your operating system have been loaded successfully in your computer here we have finish our booting process now any reauthorized user can use this system these are very simple step of processing the booting of UNIX .

Thanks for using my article and if you have any suggestion for my post you can freely tells me on comments.   

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