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What is STP Spanning tree protocol

It stands for spanning tree protocol.
Basically STP is a protocol which is used to avoid the loop in network. It stop the loop
Like we have we two or three switch each switch send data to another one, these data flow continuously in network, so there should be many chances to effect our network bandwidth and network choke , for removing this types of problems switch used stp its work is to block any one port thats why data no go for block port and now our network is looop free network.

State of STP

1 learning                                            15 Second
2 listening                                           15 
3 forward and filtering                      No limit
4 blocking                                           20 
Second or No limit
5 Disable                                             No limit

How Spanning tree protocol works 

All connected switch send BPDU to know the root bridge whos network ID is less that make Root bridge if the network ID is same then it will check the Mac address whos MAC  ID is low that will be the root bridge .

STP Step of working

I.   Selecting the root bridge lower bridge ID
II. Selecting the root port. 
III. Selecting designated port and non designation port.

These are the basic step of spanning tree protocol
command is  #show spanning tree

Example :

If we have three router each router send the BPDU the other and tells them to the root bridge it will select by the STP whos network ID is low that will be selcted as a root bridge. That root bridge one port will be block by STP to avoid the loop.

Thanks for using my article if you have any suggestion for me please feel free to say in comments box.
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