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What is Trunk Port

Trunk port are specially made for for sending all VLAN data to the other switch .

Trunk port it puts its fragment tag on the data and mention the VLAN that like we have three Vlan any dept name Iocc , Aocc and Hcc then the data travel through a single point trunk vlan and it tags that this data is for vlan Iocc and another one data is for vlan hcc . So this is his works to tagging the fragment on data.

There is two types of Trunking protocol

II. 802.1Q

It stand for Inter switch link It is used for same company switch like cisco juniper and other which are the same company .It add the 30 byte of Tag.

This protocol is user for different different company switch like cisco to juniper or many company 's
It add only 4 byte of Tag . This is open standard protocol.

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