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Top Most Network Administrator interview Question and answer

First of all we have to know the syllabus of Network Engineer or Networking 

There is 5 to 6 chapter only in Networking.

1 Networking Basic

2 IP addressing 
3 Routing 
4 Switching 
5  Access control list 
6 WAN Technology

Now we are discussing about brief of the question and answer which are frequently asked in interview of Network administrator.

What is network ?

Network is physical connection between two or more computer that share their resources like file ,folder, Printer etc. with each other that is called as network.

Type of Network

LAN        Local area Network
MAN       Metropolitan area network
WAN      Wide area network

What is your job resposibilities ?

First of all you have to tell them about your office work after that you are doing Every day and then you can tell about your hands on experience like switching routing etc.

Job Resposibility in brief

Install various network devices like Switche, Router Modem, WI-FI Router etc.

Monitor network traffic by using any tool like PRTG etc which tools you are using you will tell only that that.
Install and maintain the Network printer.
Installation ,Managing and troubleshooting of switch Cisco 3750.
Installation ,Managing and troubleshooting of  Cisco router 2800 .

Some more interview question recently asked 

1.  What is difference between OSI layer and TCP layer

2. What is STP and how it is works.
3. Explain Vlan and its type.
4. What is SVI.
5. what is Nariv VLAN.
6.How VLAN works


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