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What is OSPF and how it works

OSPF  it stand for Open shortest path first It use the SFP to send the packet from source to destination .It is a link state routing protocol It comes in Interior routing protocol IGP.

Characteristics of OSPF

Its AD value is 110 It use Dijkstra Law to forward our network packet from one device to another in network .
Ospf comes with area concept and Zero area also .
In OSPF all the area should be connected with area Zero.
OSPF works on single ( AS ) Autonomous number  and   1 to 65535.

It works on three tables 
1 Neighbour table   2. Topology table  3. Routing table 

1 Neighbour table :   It contain a list of its neighbour router who is connected with network.
2 Topology Table  :   This table contain a route map of all the ospf router connected in N/W
3. Routing Table   :   In this table it tells us the SFP shortest best path to reach the destination in network from from source .

According to these table firstly we should became neighbour and for this follow some rule

I    They must be on same AS .
II   Their subnet must be same and use the same prefix length  
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